What should you pay attention to when receiving a money transfer?

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Dear students, when receiving currency in Ukrainian banks, you probably came across shabby and dirty money or even banknotes with various inscriptions and seals. Then exchange offices do not want to accept that kind of money, and banks refuse to accept it back. How to protect yourself from such troubles? We recommend you always check the received money immediately at the cash desk in the bank! This will save you from problems.

Signs by which you can identify a worn out banknote:

  • inscriptions;
  • scuffs;
  • pollution;
  • loss of paint;
  • holes;
  • glued corners and edges

Our advice:

  1. If you find such banknotes, immediately ask the bank employee to replace such money!
  2. If the bank employees tell you that there are no other banknotes – ask to replace the currency with the hryvnia, this money must also be checked on the spot!
  3. If the previous points cannot be carried out, tell the bank employees that you want to order the currency you need and you will be able to receive your money within a few days.
  4. Always pay attention to the exchange rates in banks! Calculate in advance how much you should be given and be sure to indicate to the bank employee about an error if it happened. Your money is your responsibility!

The team of the Business Center “INGEK” asks you to be attentive and not to get into unpleasant situations! We always try to protect our students from problems, but, unfortunately, we are not always there, so we ask you to listen carefully to our advice so that your stay in Ukraine is comfortable and safe!



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