We destroy myths about Ukraine 😱

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Dear friends, we are here to break the myths about Ukraine!

The big fear when you are a foreigner is that you will be treated as a freak or an odd one. No one wants to catch on yourself glances as if you are from another planet.
You will have to adapt to a new environment anyways, but will that be a difficult process?

There is a myth that Ukrainians are racists 😱

It’s nonsense. Our country takes 5th place in the Expat Insider Rating of the most friendly countries in the world. Did you know that the first foreign students came to Ukraine almost a century ago? Yes, when we were a part of the USSR, the government began to massively enroll foreigners in the early 1950s. Initially, about 5.9 thousand foreign students studied in five Ukrainian universities at that time. Unity of nations has been our motto for 70 years now on.

Ukraine doesn’t speak English they said.

Language barrier always scares. How will I study? Or find a route to the place? Or simply communicate with people? First of all, you have the opportunity to study in English in every university of Ukraine. Lectures and practice are conducted by teachers who speak language and will easily explain material to you. Secondly, ukrainians generally speak English, they can understand basic sentences and questions and answer shortly. Younger generation have even better speaking skills, they can carry a conversation on different topics. So no need to worry, you will find common ground with your groupmates.

Last but not least, the service sector like hotels, cafes and restaurants use English too and have translated menus. At the cinemas you can watch premiers and old movies in English.



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