Gradution gown rental in BC “INGEK”

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Are you a graduate? Join the ordering of gowns, make your graduation unforgettable!

Graduation gowns for rent is the ideal solution for creating a bright breathtaking holiday!

Our goal is to make this day fantastic and unforgettable for every graduate. After all, such an event happens only once in a lifetime and it is so important that everyone remembers their graduation forever!

Wer offer traditional black gowns with red collars and well-known “caps”.

The price of a set of gown for rent is 150 UAH per day. Depending on the order volume, we provide discounts, the more sets you order, the greater the discount is.

IMPORTANT! For students of the Business Center “INGEK” rent is free!

P.s. This clothing is a symbol of a noble student who obtained a higher education diploma. They also look great in the photo;)


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

Don’t miss your chance to become a  professional!

Call us:+38 050 198 64 41

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