Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence

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On August 31, the Republic of Uzbekistan celebrated the 30th anniversary of Independence! And yesterday, September 9, on this occasion, a celebration took place in the city of Kiev. The main guest of the holiday was Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine  – Alisher Kurmanov. Business Center “INGEK” went to Kiev to convey personal congratulations !!

We wish all citizens of Uzbekistan good health, inspiration and success in work, peace, harmony and prosperity to their families! May every day be filled with joy and new achievements, and may your good deeds increase the glory of your Motherland! For 30 years now you have been living in a free and independent country, glorified by the deeds of your great ancestors, who for many centuries dreamed of a prosperous independent democratic state. Today you continue their work and your duty is to preserve the history and independence of the country, to actively participate in the construction of an advanced state, where everyone will be comfortable living and interesting to work.

Independence Day, which returned to everyone a sense of national identity, honor and pride, the right to control the fate of their country, to be proud of national values, customs and traditions, will remain forever in history and will be inscribed in golden letters in the annals of your Motherland.

Business Center INGEK wishes you and your families peace, warmth, prosperity and well-being.



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