Ukrainian dishes you must try!

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Ukraine is famous not only for borsch and lard, as many people think. In our country, meat, flour dishes, and desserts are perfectly cooked. Today “INGEK” will tell you what every foreign student should try in Ukraine. Once you arrive, be sure to try these main dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine.
So, let’s begin:

Borsch with pampushki

Real Ukrainian borsch is a must-try. It is appetizing, rich, and warming from the inside. They say there are more than a dozen recipes of this legendary soup. You can choose classical, with salo, fish or holiday mushroom – all variants are good. Sour cream, a little dill and garlic pampushki will make your borsch taste even better. If you can’t find some, a sandwich with lard and onions will be a great alternative.

Chicken Kiev cutlet

You can try the famous cutlets all over Ukraine, not only in Kiev. Crispy on the outside, incredibly juicy on the inside. Tender chicken meat, golden crust of breadcrumbs and creamy filling – it is impossible to resist. In fact, Chicken Kiev cutlets are rolls of chicken chops deep-fried in a deep fryer. Inside there is a piece of butter and cheese, mushrooms, egg yolk, herbs or garlic. Eat it with potatoes, snack on croutons with thick gravy, drink local beer – delicious!


Ukraine is famous for its meat dishes, so you should definitely try them. Kruchenky are roasted meat rolls with a variety of fillings. To make them, a delicious filling is put on a beef or pork chop. The filling can be anything you like: rice with eggs, cheese with garlic, lard with cabbage, minced mushrooms, prunes or something else. Then the meat is rolled in a roll, pulled with a string and fried in a pan until golden brown. Then you braise it in meat gravy until it becomes soft. The result is a very juicy snack, which is good even without garnish.

Lard appetizers

Try real Ukrainian lard in Kiev or any other city in the country. It is eaten raw, salted, smoked, and fried – gourmets should appreciate all variants. Of course, you can also taste it with croutons or rye bread and green onions. Do not miss the legendary garlic lard pasta sandwich in Ukraine. It is also worth tasting the 3 local delicacies, which either cause rejection or become love at first bite:

  1. Shkvarki – fried pieces of lard or meat with fat, a popular snack for beer.
  2. Kulesh – millet with shkvarki and onions.
  3. Chocolate-covered lard. Yes, it’s no joke (many people like it, by the way).


Vegetarians in Ukraine also have something to eat. However, everyone else should try deruny as well. These are fried pancakes that contain only potatoes, eggs, and salt. They are made all over Ukraine, and are definitely served with sour cream. It’s worth trying not only classic deruny. Try variants with onions, bacon, garlic, cheese,meat, chicken or mushroom gravy. Ukraine is justly proud of its deruny. A monument to this dish is erected in Korosten and a festival in its honor is held.


Ukrainian Hutsul dish, which is also worth trying for tourists, despite its apparent simplicity. Banush is corn porridge boiled with milk or cream. Of course, that’s not all. It is served with crispy cracklings and salty brynza. The combination is incredible, unconventional, even a little strange. But it is only at first glance. Once you eat a spoonful, it’s hard to stop.


Be sure to eat Ukrainian dumplings. The dough for them is made with kefir. That is why they are so tender, juicy and invariably delicious. The most popular are dumplings with potatoes. In Ukrainian cuisine, they are usually served with shkvarki in an onion batter. In second place in popularity, of course, are cherry tomatoes. They can be drizzled with sour cream or melted butter. Also in Ukraine tourists should eat dumplings with cottage cheese, mushrooms, berries, sauerkraut and cheese. Take any kind, you won’t be disappointed!

Ukrainian desserts

The legendary Kiev cake! It was beautiful many years ago, it’s still delightful. These roses of cream, airy cakes, chocolate filling … The original recipe of the legendary dessert is kept secret. Therefore, you can buy “that” Kiev cake only in Ukraine.

Other delicious desserts are also worth trying:

  1. Cheesecakes with sour cream, jam or condensed milk.
  2. Perecladenets is a sweet puff pastry made of yeast dough with berries, poppy seeds, or fruits.
  3. Verguns are the “ponytail” cookies familiar to many, but they are fried in lard.
  4. Nalistniki are the thinnest egg pancakes with a deliciously sweet filling of cottage cheese or fruit.
  5. Dumplings are poppy seed, cottage cheese, almond, fruit, or other cakes consisting of several layers of cakes.
  6. Slastyony are soft blush doughnut with a golden crust.
  7. Smetannik is a delicate cheesecake filled with sour cream.

Ukraine is a very hospitable and delicious country, and we would love to share a piece of our culture with anyone who comes to study with us 🙂


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