KPI Project Took First Place Among World University Startups

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‼ The project of Kharkiv Polytechnic University for psychological assistance won “gold” among the world’s university startups ‼

So, on December 3 in Shanghai (China) the final of the University Startup World Cup-2021 took place. According to the results of the competition, the first place in the category “Health” (for start-ups at an early stage of development) was taken by the project “Elomia”, which was developed by a team from NTU “KPI”. This is an application with artificial intelligence for psychological help. A hundred best startups from 42 countries took part in the competition.

The mobile application (chat-bot) created at NTU “KPI” provides psychological support with help of artificial intelligence. A virtual psychologist comes to help at any time of the day, with the efficiency that a real person can provide. According to the evaluation results, the project “Elomia” of NTU KPI students was recognized as the best in the world (at the early stage of startup development).

Elomia has become a close friend to thousands of people. We get emails all the time telling us that we saved their lives. But this is just the beginning of our journey. We want to create a future where everyone, regardless of their income or location, can get basic mental health support through artificial intelligence,” say the startup’s developers.

Overall, USWC-2021 took place in four categories: Social, Green, Digital and Health. The organizers noted that the goal of the competition was not only to determine the best university startup, but also to promote positive change in the world.

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