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Dear friends, we hope you had a good New Year’s Eve 2022 and had a wonderful holiday season. It’s time to take stock of the year 2021, look back and remember the pleasant moments we all lived together! We will certainly remember 2021 as the year of friendship between the Business Center “INGEK” and its students.  Despite the fact that we are recruiting in a time of pandemic, we are not slowing down and almost 1000 international students have entered their dream universities with our help!
By tradition, BC “INGEK” highlights the coolest events of the past year:


1. Chinese New Year with our students
In 2021 we got a close acquaintance with an incredible country – China. Applicants from all provinces of the country actively apply to study at Kharkiv universities and enjoy telling their classmates from other countries and the staff of the Business Center about their culture.

2. This year we have been shooting a lot for you and the quality of our content has reached a new level! In March 2021 we held the most large-scale shooting of Business Center in the history of our company with a film crew of 15 people, 3 bloggers, 10 students and our whole team.

3. Business Center “INGEK” has launched its own VIP CARD!!!
Such a card allows the student to get discounts in institutions of the city: cafes, berbershops, gaming clubs, and also gives a discount on airline tickets. You can get them by participating in our contests and events, follow our Instagram!

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4. This year Business Center “INGEK” celebrated its 17th Birthday! ✨Our friendly and close-knit team has been working successfully and fruitfully for 17 years, conquering new heights and helping students from all over the world to get high-quality education in the best educational institutions of Ukraine. We believe that in the new year we can achieve even greater success and prosperity!

5. Despite all the difficulties of the year, Business Center arranged a real celebration for our graduates and organized a great and sunny graduation party. We took lots of pictures, laughed and participated in competitions))

6. We made first Kharkiv tournament on FIFA 2021 game for foreign students.
Thanks to everybody, we had a great time with you and had a lot of fun)) Now we know how you like to play console 😉

7. Also this year we held the 10th anniversary soccer tournament among our students from different parts of the world. The tournament was held on the fields of the Metalist stadium (the stadium hosted Euro 2012). We had two wonderful days full of sports, smiles and a competitive spirit!

8. We celebrated Halloween with the students by watching horror movies with popcorn and coke. Even though we weren’t scared, we had a lot of fun)

9. In 2021 we conducted productive work on concluding agreements with universities. Among such agreements was cooperation with the Academy of Culture, today it is a modern institution of higher education of the fourth level of accreditation, the leader of library and information and cultural education and the Priazovsky State Technical University.


10. We traditionally saw off the end of the year with gifts for our partners and the most diligent students! They all received New Year presents !🎁

We are very pleased to announce that in spite of the current situation in the world, about 1000 students came to Ukraine through Business Center “INGEK” to receive a quality European education. We thank our students and admire their sincere and unbreakable thirst for knowledge! Our team has been working for 17 years to introduce a transparent mechanism for recruiting international students to universities and to ensure the quality of educational services!

The team of the Business Center “INGEK” sincerely congratulates you on NEW YEAR 2022!


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

Don’t miss your chance to become a  professional!

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