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On January 24, the whole world celebrates International Education Day!

The holiday was first proclaimed by the the United Nations in 2018 to celebrate the role of education for peace and development. It is interesting that Nigeria was the initiator of the day. 58 member states of the conference supported the idea. At the same time, resolutions in support of quality education of equal value, which should be available to everyone, regardless of their nationality, gender and social status, were drafted accordingly. The UN principles state that education helps a person to become literate, gain self-confidence and ensure well-being for himself and his family in the future.

What will happen this year?
On January 24, 2022, the world will celebrate the fourth International Day of Education under the theme “Changing the Course, Transforming Education. The theme aims to understand the impact of the past two years on how education has changed in order to find new and innovative ways to make education accessible to all again. This year’s celebration will be a platform for demonstrating the essential transformations that need to be made in order to realize the fundamental right of everyone to education and to build an inclusive and peaceful future.

Ukraine annually joins the celebration of the International Day of Education and considers it in the context of forming guidelines for the definition and adjustment of educational policy.

How is this day celebrated?
On International Education Day, numerous talks are held at the national level to improve the quality and conditions of education. Educational institutions hold events to spread knowledge about education among children and youth. And documentaries and feature films about education are broadcast on television.

Why Education Matters

Education is the key to literacy, and therefore to creating a life of dignity and building a successful society. By acquiring new knowledge and skills, a person not only develops and improves his or her well-being, but also raises the standard of living of his or her city, region, or country. Everyone has the opportunity to get a decent and affordable education, no matter where they live, how old they are, or how much money they have. International Education Day helps people understand the importance of literacy for themselves and for others.

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