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Kharkiv is incredible, and if you come here to study, you’ll want to come back to this city again and again.
Kharkiv is a modern city that impresses with its beauty. You’ll find it interesting to walk its streets, because the city charms with its nature, skillfully combines old architecture and new buildings, attracts new clubs and gourmet restaurants.

Freedom Square

Every student who comes to Kharkiv should definitely come to the central square. It impresses with its gigantic size, so it is not surprising that it is one of the largest squares not only in Europe, but also in the world.

All the most important administrative offices of the city are located on the square, and concerts, competitions, fairs, events and festivals often take place there.

Where to find: Freedom Square is located in the Shevchenko district of Kharkiv. There are two metro stations near the square – “University” and “Gosprom”.

The main visiting card of the square is the building of the state industry – Gosprom. It was the first skyscraper in Ukraine, because its 13 floors rise to 63 meters, and taking into account the spire-tower – 108 meters. Now Gosprom is an architectural monument, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of constructivism.

Where to find: Freedom Square, 5/1

Architects Square

Architects’ Square is a modern and cozy part of the city, which combines architecture and landscape design. The pearl of the square is the original monument-fountain “Lovers” – a sculpture in the form of a fragile boy and a girl who are reaching out to each other in a kiss.

Also on the square of Architects placed white marble mini-copies of the “Seven Wonders of Kharkov”. In particular here you can see miniatures of Gosprom, Mirror Stream, Intercession Cathedral, Annunciation Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral, House with Spire and the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

Where to find: located at the intersection of Pushkinskaya and Zhen Mironosets streets.

Gorky Park

The pride of Kharkov is the central city park named after Gorky, which citizens call “Ukrainian Disneyland”. It really can be recognized as the most modern and best amusement park in Ukraine. It captures not only children but also adults, because it has about 40 different types of entertainment, including the highest in Ukraine – 55-meter ferris wheel, roller coaster, which takes your breath away, drop tower, race track, French carousel, chains, rope park, house of fear, dozens of cafes and much more.

The park is divided into five zones with different themes: children’s, medieval, extreme, French and retro-zone. Small metal sculptures of people and animals are placed all over the area, which makes the park more fabulous.

Entrance to the park is free, so Kharkov citizens and visitors often come here to walk and relax.

Where to find: 81 Sumska Street.

In addition to dozens of rides, the Kharkiv Cableway operates in the park. It stretches 1.5 kilometers in the air and connects Gorky Park and the Botanical Garden. Riding it, you can see the incredible landscapes of Kharkov, the ancient districts of the city, fully examine the Freedom Square and Gosprom.

Where to find: in Gorky Park

Sculpture Garden

In the center of Kharkiv, in the courtyard of the Platinum Plaza shopping center, there is a Sculpture Garden. Here are installed dozens of original works of art, which will not leave anyone indifferent who sees them. In a small open-air square there is a figure of a lying boy with a camera in his hands, a trio of cellists, Mikhail Bulgakov and the cat Behemoth from The Master and Margarita, a family of monkeys and the like.

Where to find: Sumska Street, 72

Lopan promenade

One of the favorite places for walks of Kharkiv citizens is the Lopan promenade near the Lopan River. There is also a hanging bridge, which is called the bridge of lovers. You can also go boating, because there is an open-air boat station “Strelka”.
The Lopan embankment is a beautiful, blooming and extremely romantic place in Kharkiv, which is never bypassed by tourists.

Where to find: Lopansky Lane 2/2.


There is a unique landscape park at the exit from Kharkiv in the village Lesnoe, which has become a great place for family recreation. There is a zoo with about 2,000 animals – peacocks, Cameroon goats, donkeys, camels, ponies, tigers, monkeys, kangaroos, rhinos, raccoons, snakes and so on. Rest in “Feldman Eco-Park” is a real treat for children and adults. Here they can socialize, pet and feed the animals.

There are often festivals and celebrations, and in the fall is a ball of chrysanthemums, of which create multi-colored sculptures.

Where to find: Kiev highway, 12, Lesnoe village, Kharkiv region.

Metalist stadium

For true soccer fans in Kharkiv there is also a lot of interesting things to do. The city built a unique stadium “Metalist”, which from a bird’s-eye view resembles a giant spider. It hosts not only soccer matches, but also various concerts.

Where to find: 65 Plekhanovskaya Street.

Barabashovo Market

A true paradise for the shopaholic is the Barabashovo market in Kharkiv. It is the largest not only in Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe, and its area reaches 75 hectares. Shoppers come to the market from all over the region and neighboring regions. The market has about 20 thousand trading places, so you can literally buy everything here.

Where to find: between the center of Kharkiv and the largest residential area – Saltivka.


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