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Guys, we are all worried about our beloved city of Kharkiv. ❤️

Despite the current situation, the city is reviving and returning to its former life! Kharkiv citizens don’t want to leave their native city, and many of them have even begun to return 🏠. To ensure the vital activity of Kharkiv, the city’s municipal services continue their work.

There is water, heat and electricity everywhere and the trash is being taken out. Also almost all supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty salons and cafes work in the city. People go for walks to the promenade for a cup of coffee ☕️in the spring sunshine.
And just recently in Kharkiv was held the annual event “Kharkiv Music Fest”.

“You remember Winston Churchill’s expression about how during the war the budget of the country was brought to him for consideration. After leafing through the document, he asked: “Where’s the cost of culture?” He was told, “Well, there’s a war on, what culture?” To which he said: “If there is no culture, then why are we fighting?” That’s our way, too”, – said the Kharkiv mayor.

Kharkov is an amazing city that lives and develops against all odds!🔆


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