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Our offices 🏢

All of you who are our students or just follow us for a long time know very well that you can come and visit “INGEK” not only in Ukraine! 😊

We have been working for years to be able to help applicants and students in 🇹🇷 Turkey, 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan, 🇺🇿 Uzbekistan.

☝️❗️Our curators from the head office in Kharkiv are currently available for help in our representative office in 🇹🇷 Istanbul!

Despite the difficult 😓 situation not only in 🇺🇦 Ukraine, but also in the whole 🌎 world, we continue to work together with our foreign colleagues and do our best to provide high-quality 🎓 higher education to as many applicants as possible!

Who misses our office in Kharkiv 💜 as much as we do ?


BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

We’re available 24/7!

Call us:+38 050 198 64 41

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