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Dear friends, we are happy to share important news with you! International education center “INGEK” is proud to continue our fruitful cooperation with Kharkiv National Medical University! 🤝

Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the leading medical institutions in our region, and we deeply respect its high quality education and reputation. As part of our collaboration, we are pleased to announce that KhNMU is recruiting students for several medical specialties💊

If your dream is to become a dentist 🦷, a doctor or a nurse, then Kharkiv National Medical University is your ideal choice! Here you will find advanced teaching methods, experienced professors and modern laboratories that will help you develop all the skills and knowledge you need for a successful medical career 🏥

We are proud that our students 👨‍🎓 will join the ranks of future medical professionals who will enhance healthcare and help our community. We are committed to supporting the advancement of medical science and practice, and this collaboration is an important step in achieving that goal 🌟


IEC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

We’re available 24/7!

Call us: +38 050 198 64 41

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