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Morocco is Ukraine’s key international ally in a variety of sectors. In the ranking of African trade allies, Morocco ranks among the top five, only behind such countries as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. In addition, Ukraine and Morocco actively cooperate in the field of academic exchange.

According to reports by the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, students from Morocco make up a significant portion of foreign students in the country, ranking among the top five in terms of numbers. As of the beginning of 2024, over two thousand Moroccans are studying in Ukrainian universities, seeking to obtain bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees. Among the world leaders in international educational cooperation, Morocco follows such countries as China and India, emphasizing the high value of Ukrainian diplomas.

The group of leading countries by the number of young people receiving education in Ukraine in 2024 looks as follows:

  1. China – 10244
  2. India – 5544
  3. Azerbaijan – 3537
  4. Morocco – 2610
  5. Nigeria – 1342

Morocco is also among the top ten leaders in the number of official invitations to study, which testifies to the popularity of Ukrainian education among Moroccan applicants.

Thanks to the contribution of the Embassy of Ukraine in Morocco in strengthening educational ties, a trip to Morocco took place at the end of summer 2022, where meetings with the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation A. Miraoui and the leadership of the Ministry were held. Measures taken to maintain the quality of educational services and organization of the educational process during martial law, as well as conditions for continuing education of Moroccan students in Ukraine were discussed.

Since a significant number of students from Morocco wanted to continue their studies in Ukrainian institutions of higher education, and it was obvious that this would be in a distance learning format, the Ministry of Higher Education of Morocco expressed interest in cooperating with the Ukrainian side to facilitate the continuation of studies of these students. In the course of negotiations with the Ministry, agreements were reached on key issues related to the organization of training in Ukraine.

First of all, the Ministry agreed to recognize the results of distance education in all specialties, including medicine and pharmacy. And this meant that many Moroccan students would be able to continue their studies at Ukrainian universities. An agreement was reached that medical and pharmacy students would undergo internships in medical institutions in Morocco, and Ukrainian institutions of higher education would credit such internships. We have also prepared more than 10 cooperation agreements between higher education institutions of Morocco and Ukraine. Now we are planning to open a preparatory department in Morocco, so that Moroccan students in their country could study the Ukrainian language and prepare for admission to Ukrainian educational institutions. We have successfully overcome the challenge of the examination campaign by opening two centers in Morocco in the cities of Rabat and Casablanca for KROK 1 and KROK 2 examinations for medical students.

Despite all the difficulties of the war, Ukrainian education continues to provide quality teaching to both Ukrainian and foreign students. Ukraine still remains an authoritative player in the field of international education. We hold the educational front. We have something to be proud of. And we are very grateful to all international partners who have extended a helping hand to us in such a difficult time for Ukraine.


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