Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

Ukraine is a hospitable and beautiful country with a European educational system. In the Ukrainian universities are now studying more than 76 thousand foreign students, who came from 154 countries. And every year this number grows.

In the Ukrainian system of higher education there are educational institutions of various levels of accreditation: colleges, institutes, universities, academies, which train highly qualified specialists of different profiles. Foreign students receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.

Thanks to the strong teaching staff, the development and introduction of new technologies in the educational process and the educational system in general, Ukrainian universities graduate professionals who enhance the prestige of their native country.

10 reasons for choosing education in Ukraine:


  1. Flexible conditions of entrance to Ukraine and a simple admission procedure to the university.  For admission to the university of Ukraine, you do not need to take exams and be tested.
  2. Tolerant society. In Ukraine there are no interracial conflicts, there are no religious oppression. Ukrainians are tolerant to foreign citizens and are famous for their hospitality to the whole world.
  3. Affordable cost of education. The cost of studies in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Europe, North America.
  4. Accommodation in the hostel. Ukrainian universities offer for places in a hostels international students. The cost of living is very democratic.
  5. European level of education. The leading universities of Ukraine have a centuries-old history and strong teaching school. Many of them are recognized all over the world. Ukraine has become a party to the Bologna Declaration since 2005 and has a standardized educational system along with other 46 countries in Europe.
  6. The choice of the form of learning. In Ukraine, various training options for foreign citizens are available: the preparatory department, bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate education. Learning languages to choose from – English, Russian and French (since 2018).
  7. Preparatory courses. Most universities organize preparatory courses in Russian and Ukrainian language for foreign applicants. Preparing for studies at a higher educational institution takes from 6 to 10 months.
  8. A wide range of specialties. In the universities of Ukraine you can get such specialties: medical, legal, economic, engineering, technical, humanitarian, etc.
  9. A successful career start in any country of the world. Ukraine is a member of The Hague and Lisbon conventions, which declare a simplified process of document of legalization and recognition of the qualifications of higher education in Europe. The Ukrainian diploma is recognized in all countries of the world.
  10. A beautiful country with a European standards of living. Ukraine – has things to amaze you. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas – nature for a healthy and active life. Historical sights, museums, theaters, sports, various types of hobbies, outdoor activities – all of this you will find in Ukraine!


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