Document nostrification + Translations

If you studied in another country and plan to continue your studies in Ukraine – you need to undergo the procedure of nostrification, that is, the recognition of your documents (certificate, academic certificate, diploma).

9 steps to pass the nostrification:

Why should you contact the Business Center “INGEK”? 

Our specialists will help you correctly register a package of documents for the recognition procedure, submit it to the Ministry, pay all necessary fees and other payments, and will keep you informed on the progress of the nostrification. It’s simple: you do not have to stand in queues and wasting your time.


1-4 months from the moment of receipt of payment by the Information Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

How to apply for nostrification or get a FREE consultation:

1. Visit our office at: Kharkiv,  61445, Inzhenernyy lane 1-a

2. Or just call / email us and ask your questions +380632135376

3. Send your documents and pick them up the next day

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