Distance education in Ukraine

In 2022 a big disaster came to Ukraine that could have put an end to the plans of a huge number of people to get education in our country. Every year thousands of students from all over the world come to Kharkiv to study in world-known Ukrainian universities.

But the education system does not stand still and in the 21st century anyone can study remotely. If you have been dreaming for a long time of getting higher education in the most famous universities, but the prices of accommodation, flight or contract were a stumbling block, the year 2022 will be the fulfillment of your plans, because the Ukrainian Government has launched remote higher education in Ukraine without leaving your home country!

How to get higher education in Ukraine online?

No matter where you are, BC “INGEK” serves students from all over the globe. Our applicants, students and graduates include talented young people from Morocco, Ghana, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria and other countries. Study remotely at Ukrainian universities, get a quality higher education with internationally recognized diplomas and Business Center “INGEK”  will take care of your comfortable studying and getting the full knowledge.

Advantages of distance learning in Ukraine with BC “INGEK”

Education is provided online. The Ministry of Education of Ukraine, in cooperation with the departments of the universities, prepares a special online program with the possibility to take exams remotely.

Go back to universities

Once the situation in Ukraine has stabilised and international security guarantees for the country become certain, everyone will be able to return to Kharkiv and continue their studies off-line with accommodation in student hostels and attendance of universities. A full-time student life is just around the corner!


The cost of education in Ukraine has never been so affordable – with the distance education at the university in Ukraine you do not need to spend money for a visa, tickets, accommodation in another country, you do not need to leave your home! Universities lock in tuition fees and you can get your degree by studying remotely.

Everyone knows that higher education opens the door to a better life – a high-paying job, a high standard of living, interesting tasks and, most importantly, gorgeous prospects for future development.

Distance education at universities in Ukraine

The BC “INGEK” team always supports international students and offers all the help they need. We support students from application to graduation and guarantee a solution to any questions they may have. Contact us now for more information about distance learning at the university in Ukraine  and we will give you in-depth advice.

It is never too late to study – apply for remote education in Ukraine, and professionals of BC “INGEK” team will provide you with answers to any questions that you may have and help you in obtaining education with internationally recognized diploma.

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