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Higher education in Germany


German higher education is known for its quality and centuries-old tradition. Despite the fact that such well-known universities as Oxford or Cambridge are not located in Germany, German universities are very popular among foreigners. German education keeps up with the times and combines centuries-old traditions with new technologies and innovations.

If you are thinking about moving to Germany and entering a German university, then what awaits you in this case?!


  1. Studying at a German university, you have a residence permit and can travel freely throughout the EU;
  2. You get the permission to work while studying (120 full-time days a year – 8 hours a day or 240 part-time days a year – 4 hours a day);
  3. During your studies, you will not only improve your German, but at the same time you will be able to improve your English or learn another foreign language, because there are a large number of foreigners in Germany who will be happy to help you learn their language;
  4. A huge advantage of studying at a German university is the possibility of internships in German companies. This will increase your chances of further employment in Germany or another European country;
  5. In connection with the Bologna process, German diplomas are recognized in all European countries and are highly rated in other countries;
  6. During your studies, you, like German students, have the opportunity to participate in international projects and exchanges, study at other European universities;
  7. After graduation, you have 1.5 years to look for work and employment. So you can stay in the country or then further extend your studies;
  8. When you live in Germany, you automatically recieve many social services, such as quality medical care;
  9. During your studies, you will have a deferment from the army.

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Huge benefits!


  1. Studying in Germany, in comparison with the Scandinavian countries or England, is certainly cheaper, and this is not only about studying, but also about living;
  2. You make your own study schedule and attend those subjects that interest you;
  3. Despite the fact that there are certain deadlines for submitting documents to German universities, you can already prepare for this process in advance and organize the transfer without haste.

Living in Germany and studying at the university will be an experience in getting to know the country, the people, student life and… changing your life!

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