• How can I get a visa if there is no Embassy of Ukraine in my country?

In order to receive a visa, you must visit a country which has an Embassy of Ukraine and apply from there. See the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine’s website for a complete list of embassies and consulates – www.mfa.gov.ua

  • What is a visa letter? 

A visa application letter is detailed information from the Ukrainian State Center for International Education sent to the Ukrainian Embassy located in your country to confirm that your invitation to study is genuine.

  • Can I come to study in Ukraine on a tourist visa?

No. Only a student visa (type D) gives you the right to enter the territory of Ukraine for education. For a visa you need an official letter of invitation.

  • How can I get an invitation letter?

We make an official invitation letter. To do this, you need to send a photo of the passport and the document of the previous education.

  • How long does it take to get my visa done?

It depends on the country where the visa is being received. Typically, the visa application process takes around ten working days. Sometimes it can be prolongated to 30 working days.



  • How to choose a university?

Universities of Ukraine – there is a comprehensive list of Higher Education Institutions and you can make your choice.

  • Where can I see the cost of study?

Tuition Fees – there is all information about the universities, specialties and the cost of study

  • What additional expenses can be there ?

An invitation for training costs 25-50$ (The price depends on the citizenship of the applicant and chosen university. It also includes the cost of visa support)

Registration in Ukraine (“posvidka”) and insurance is 150$ for 1 year (must be done for the entire period of study in Ukraine)

Price for the Nostrification (procedure for recognition of previous education certificates) – depends on the document

Payment for accommodation in a hostel is 35-60$ per month (depends on the chosen university)

  • What should I do if I do not speak Russian?

It is not necessary to learn Russian, you can choose a program in English. Ukrainian universities offer many programs with teaching in English. If you decide to choose a program in Russian, then you can enter the Preparatory Department to study the Russian language, after which you can continue your studies at any university in Ukraine. If you do not know Russian well, you can apply for one course and additionally take courses in Russian at the university.

  • How can I apply to get an invitation letter?

First you fill in the application form  and then you receive the letter with instructions. You can ask whatever you want to know about the admission process.

  • How can I get an invitation?

The invitation letter is sent from the university via DHL because of its reliability on the international level. The cost of sending you an invitation letter should be covered by you and it not included in the price.

  • How long will it take to get an invitation letter?

Typically, takes from one to three working days, depending on the university you have choosen.

  • How long is the invitation letter valid ?

The invitation letter is valid up to 6 months.

  • How can I pay for the invitation and mail services?

You can make payment through the site ONLINE PAYMENT   or through the Western Union.
Please note that intermediary banks take commission.

  • Does my country recognize the Ukrainian diploma? What are the ratings of the universities of Ukraine? 

All universities we work with have the status of state and IV level of accreditation. These universities issue a European degree diploma, which is recognized in all developed countries of the world. Also, universities are included in world rankings, such as QS EECA University (Top-200 universities) – the best universities in Central Asia.

Students from 44 countries study at our universities. All diplomas that our students received were confirmed by the Ministry of Education.

  • The price is different for the first year and for each subsequent? 

The cost of training for the first year is higher because of the need to do a lot of work with students at the stage of admission. Namely: – the costs of enrollment, – settlement, – accompaniment, – registration of the documents, – etc.



  • Where will I live during my studies?

In Ukraine, every foreign student after enrollment is provided with a place in the hostel. The cost of living in a hostel is 35-60$ per month (the price depends on the chosen university). You can “walk” yourself around one of the universities and hostel in this 3D tour

If you have question you can contact us in any convenient way for you:

+38(097) 575-00-21; +38(050) 198-64-41 

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