For parents

Dear parents, we have created this section for you to express our gratitude for your children who became our students and obtain higher education at Ukrainian universities. Our goal is to make learning and living process of your children in Ukraine as successful and comfortable as possible.



Why do they trust “BC“ INGEK ”to study foreign students in Ukraine?



In support of students and you, parents, we offer participation in the bonus program as an opportunity to earn money or partially pay for your child’s education. The main idea of creating a bonus program is to give promising and active students and graduates the opportunity to earn their own money in their free time.
The accumulation of bonuses is done for the attraction of foreign citizens from different countries to study at universities in Ukraine. Each student you attract gives you 50 bonuses, a student attracted by your student gives you 25 bonuses. In other words, you receive bonuses not only students attracted by you personally, but also for the students who were attracted by them.

You can convert bonuses into:


  1. Up to 100% discount on the cost of your child’s education
  2. Payment for air tickets to travel home
  3. Valuable prizes
  4. And much more information that you can find out by writing or calling us


We would also like to have feedback from you in order to understand what issues concern you throughout the entire education of your child.
To do this, you can contact us by numbers listed below

+38(050) 198-64-41

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