Foreign Students: 1000+

Average Cost: 4500$

Courses Available: Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics,
Clinical Pharmacology, a pharmaceutical care,
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Technology Department

The National University of Pharmacy (NUPh) is the oldest higher education institution in Ukraine (founded in 1807) with a wealth of experience in the training of pharmaceutical personnel, is the leader in pharmaceutical education and the ideologist of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine.

The university occupies the 20th place in the 200 top universities of Ukraine the list of which was compiled by UNESCO.

This university is subordinated to the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and was granted a basic status among higher educational institutions of Ukraine. A university degree is the basis to start an excellent career in many countries.

At present time the National University of Pharmacy provides professional educational programs for more than 17,500 students, and about 1,100 students are from 20 foreign countries, and more than 6,500 citizens from 43 countries have obtained Master’s degree and have successful professional carriers which is one of the main proofs of its high international rankings.

University graduates will be able to work successfully at:

  • pharmacies;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical companies;
  • analytical laboratories;
  • research institutes;
  • bioengineering enterprises;
  • microbiological, perfume and cosmetic companies;
  • epidemiological control centers;
  • business.


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