Spring admission

You can start your studies at the Ukrainian University in March! 

If you were not able to prepare documents and arrive in the summer, you do not have to wait for the next September. The Ukrainian model of education differs from others – leading universities in Kharkov are ready to receive students not only for the fall, but also for the spring semester.

Hurry: come to Ukraine for admission no later than March 1, 2021! 

Starting to learn in January is a great opportunity to save time. This model of education is absolutely standard for foreign students, because it allows you to optimize the educational process and get education in a shorter period.

Start of the education from January 2021 will be relevant for:

  • Graduates of schools that did not enter higher education institutions / who do not like studying at their own university
  • Graduates of Bachelor’s Degree who wish to obtain a Master’s degree abroad
  • Specialists who want to get a second higher education in a foreign institution

Admission is possible for the medical, economic, technical specialties

For Bachelor (4 years) and Master’s degrees (1.4 years):

What is required at this stage: quick preparation of documents for admission and documents for a student visa. Our experts will help with the preparation of the documents, choice of specialty, and also will provide operational communication with the educational institution.


Contact the Business Center “INGEK” for a free consultation:  +38 050 198 64 41 


Do you have friends who want to study abroad?

Tell them about the second set and become a member of the bonus program.

Contact the Business Center “INGEK” for detailed information!

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