Foreign Students: 2000+

Average Cost: 3300

Courses Available: Medical,

Ternopil National Medical University – the leading higher educational institution of Ukraine, which has more than 4 thousand ukrainian and about 2 000 foreign students, has more than 640 teachers.

There are 4 faculties (medical, dental, pharmaceutical and faculty of foreign students), 6 educational and scientific institutes, 57 departments, university hospital, dental department of university clinic.

It is the only university in Ukraine which has introduced studying for foreign and domestic nursing bachelors and masters. At TNMU all conditions are created: a powerful material base, modern medical equipment, computer equipment and unique virtual virtual training simulators, renovated dormitories, a modern librar

University is the organizer of the first in Ukraine medical education institutions of International Student Summer Schools to which medical students from all over the world come. TNMU, a member of the European Association of Universities, an affiliate of Greater Charter Universities, participates in the Baltic University Program and cooperates with 75 foreign partners.


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