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If you have not yet decided where you would like to go to study abroad, then we will be happy to tell you why Ukraine is the best country for foreign students!
At the moment, more than 80 thousand foreign students who come from 154 countries study at Ukrainian universities. Mostly they come to us from countries such as: Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Egypt, China, Uzbekistan and Ganna. If you have not found your country in this list – do not worry, you will definitely find your fellow countrymen here, and at the same time you will get acquainted with the culture of all countries of the world!

Nowadays, educational institutions of different levels of accreditation operate in Ukraine: colleges, institutes, universities, academies, which train highly qualified specialists in a wide variety of fields. It is important that the diplomas obtained at Ukrainian universities are recognized all over the world!
Thanks to a strong teaching staff, the development and implementation of new technologies in the educational process and the educational system as a whole, Ukrainian universities produce professionals who can increase the prestige of their home country.


As everyone knows, Kharkiv has long secured the status of the largest educational center in Ukraine.
There are 210 800 students studying at the universities of Kharkiv, including about 23 760 foreign students. Currently, there are 68 operating universities in Kharkov. Many of them, such as Kharkiv National University. V. N. Karazina, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv National Economic University named after Semyon Kuznets – are educational brands with a worldwide reputation and occupy high places in world rankings.
Such a number of young people from different countries creates unique opportunity for communication, cooperation, exchange of experience and unique atmosphere of a city. Student community and student subculture have long become not just an integral part of Kharkiv, but its symbol and business card.

Our team of experts assisting international students in obtaining higher education in Ukraine is located in the city of Kharkiv. And also our offices are located in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ghana and Morocco. For 17 years of our work, we have established contacts with TOP universities in Ukraine and Europe. We would like to remind you that the prestige and reliability of the company is emphasized by the existence of an agreement with the Ukrainian State Center for International Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, direct agreements with leading universities in Ukraine, as well as our offices around the world.



BC “INGEK” will help you with paperwork, choosing a specialty, and will also provide prompt communication with the educational institution.

Don’t miss your chance to become a  professional!

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