The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital aims to provide medical service based on individual needs and ethical values through the implementation of treatment methods at the international standards.

The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital replaced, Ltd. company functioning under the same name, which was founded as a result of a reorganization in Ltd. Cancer Research Center- Martin D. Abeloff Laboratory (established on April 20, 2012) and September 2015 merger of Ltd. Geoclinic. In October 2017, another autonomously operating unit purchased from the hospital “Davit Gagua Clinic” joined the hospital. Accordingly, the number of hospital beds increased to 125.

Global Recognition

New Vision University is involved in the Bologna process.

  • MCI Recognition:
    New Vision University Tbilisi is one of the universities in Georgia that has Medical Council of India (MCI) accreditation.
  • NVU School of Medicine – World Directory of Medical Schools and The Association of Medical Schools in Europe – AMSE.
  • NVU School of Law is a member of European Law faculties Association – ELFA

New Vision University – Star International

Exchange Programs:

  • New Vision University is a member of the project – Network for Developing the European Studies in Caucasus (DESCNet). DESCNet has nine members from different countries.

International Projects:

  • AVON’s mammography cabinet in New Vision University Hospital implements Breast Cancer Prevention Screening Program for free since 2014.
  • Since December 2017, New Vision University Tbilisi has been part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project -“Management and effective resolution of workplace disputes within the public agencies of Georgia.”
  • Also, New Vision University is a participating partner of Network Europe. The Network Europe is a platform for cooperation between academic institutions from West, East and Central European countries which are engaged in the research of various issues concerning the European integration process.
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